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Five Wedding Mistakes Brides Can Avoid

Helping to build your dream wedding…and reduce the wedding mistakes Close your eyes and picture your perfect wedding. Come on, it will just take a minute… What does your wedding venue look like? Now, think about what you are doing before the wedding? What are you doing after? What are your bridesmaids doing? What is […]

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The Rustic Outdoor or Farm Wedding

There’s just something beautiful about escaping from the chaos and rat race of life and taking in the fresh air outside. The same can be said in finding the space for celebrating your wedding day with friends and family. Due in part to the fresh air and the swoon worthy images found online (on sites […]

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Weddings in the Round

One of the interesting things about weddings is that there are so many things within the ceremony and reception you can take for granted yet so many things you can make your own.  Marriage is a venerable tradition/institution in many cultures so there is a certain method to the affair – the most important (and […]

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Wedding Receptions: Served, Buffet, or something else?

One of the recurring themes on the Simple Pleasures blog is the different aspects of celebrating your special day.  How do you make the food a distinctive and memorable part of your event that also says who you are?  Today we’ll talk about three different ways to do that. Served Meal This is the most […]

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Traditions behind Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Wedding celebrations aren’t just about feting the bride and groom; they’re also about honoring the friends and family who have supported and loved the couple throughout their relationship and in their individual lives. Bridesmaids and groomsmen deserve to be lauded for their support of the betrothed duo. They’ve likely been there from the beginning, as […]

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Wedding Planning Shouldn’t be a hassle

It was so simple—you fell in love, forged an indelible bond, and, at the right moment, you became engaged to be married. You and your fiancé(e) felt carefree, happy, and at ease knowing that the two of you would be side-by-side for life. And you wanted everyone you knew to share in this happiness, so […]

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