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“Thank your for your help in making our Schwind family reunion a success. Everyone was impressed with Simple Pleasures facility and all your help and hospitality. Adults and children alike enjoyed all the extras that you offered us. The kids liked all the wooden and tin toys, etc., and the adults enjoyed the classic car tour. They enjoyed it so much, we are coming back.”
Kieth Bierig, family reunion

“Simple Pleasures’ uniqueness contributed to socializing, brainstorming and creativity.”
Marketing director

“With our horses and Simple Pleasures it was our best picnic yet. We’ll be back.”
Food distribution president

“Entertaining 80 real estate agents was quite an accomplishment. Best Christmas party yet.”
Real estate CEO

“We had such a good time last year, everyone wants to come back.”
Choir director

“Easiest party I ever planned. Thanks for your ideas and help!”
Corporate event planner


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  1. Brian Brown May 8, 2016 at 9:40 pm #

    Thank you for taking time to share you beautiful and unique event center even when you were closed. My 96 year old mother continues to comment the time we toured the ground and she set in the “Big Red Car”. Ken and Elaine are wonderful hosts who make a visit special. Brian Brown

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