Weddings in the Round

One of the interesting things about weddings is that there are so many things within the ceremony and reception you can take for granted yet so many things you can make your own.  Marriage is a venerable tradition/institution in many cultures so there is a certain method to the affair – the most important (and in the eyes of the law, the one that matters) part being the exchange of vows by a properly authorized person.  But where those vows are exchanged – outdoors, in a church, in a home, or in another special place varies tremendously.  Today we want to talk about a trend in weddings that is all about this part of your marriage: weddings in the round.

Let’s set the scene:

Isn’t it interesting how something as simple as chair-arrangement can change the whole look, tone, and feel of a ceremony?


Marriage is something made in public, in the sight of God, and witnessed by the family, friends, and

acquaintances that you wanted to witness your first public act as a married couple.  A ceremony in the round surrounds the couple with this love and support: literally!  Everywhere the couple looks they see loving, smiling, hopeful faces: people who want only the best and are willing to do whatever it takes to help the couple succeed.


Some people like the concept of circles being non-hierarchical, indicating that all guests are important – and your ceremony may be a small one so that everyone can be in one circle.  But if that aspect isn’t important to you, or you simply have too many guests to do a single circle, you can still preserve the “traditional” arrangement of “bride” and “groom” sides.  In fact, in a twist that can’t really be achieved in traditional ceremonies, you can seat the groom side opposite from him, behind the bride, and the bride side vice-versa, so as he is saying his vows and participating in the ceremony (and she likewise) he can occasionally glance at the caring countenances of those closest to him.


Worried about microphones and those among your party that might have a harder time hearing?  Sit them closer so they can hear everything.  Seating in the round often delivers the “no bad seat” feeling.


Have you been to many marriages in the round?  It’s a relatively new phenomenon, so likely not.  It’s a great way to make your marriage stand out in a special way for your guests (and for yourselves!)

We hope these tips have been helpful to you, and should you be planning something in the Northwestern Arkansas region, feel free to give us a call.  We’ve helped set up more than one wedding in the round and enjoyed the reaction from guests and bridal party alike.

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