Meet the Team

The three principle directors of the Simple Pleasures team are Tara Hammarstrom and Ken and Elaine Miner.

Ken Miner

As an experienced designer, Ken designed and constructed the unique Simple Pleasures architectural and landscape features to complement gatherings and beautiful photo images.

Elaine Miner

Elaine’s talents as both a graphic designer and lifetime gardener are on display throughout the Simple Pleasures’ grounds. In addition, this Kansas City native can cook up some delicious barbecue, something our guests rave about when we provide catering for their events.

Ken and Elaine’s passion for collecting and preserving historic pop culture is used throughout the 21-acre campus, delighting all of your guests.

Tara Hammarstrom, Event Director

Having coordinated over 100 events during her time at Simple Pleasures, Tara knows how to pull off your event without a hitch. Whether working with outside vendors or planning out the timeline of your big bash, Tara’s goal is to take care of all the logistical and organizational elements of the event so that your guests have a stress free day. Click here to schedule a tour of Simple Pleasures with Tara today!

Talented Staffing

Directors set the standards, but it takes more than directors to pull off fantastic events; it takes experienced professionals. We work with professional photographers, DJs, chauffeurs and other important team members to pull off organized, fun and stress-free Simple Pleasures events.

Special events are supposed to be fun! Here are a few fun facts about our team.

Tara Hammarstrom, Event Director

Did You Know?
  • Avid Tim McGraw fan (travels to concerts 2-3 times per year)
  • Loves country music and trucks
  • Paradise = laying on the beach
  • Will stand and call the Hogs for anyone
  • Huge Dallas Cowboy fan
  • Proud Momma to Abby (college bound)

Ken Miner, Co-Founder

Did you know?
  • Cooks a mean cheeseburger
  • Rock N’ Roll fanatic
  • Summer days mean inner tube and lake floating, grand children and creek stomping
  • Sienfeld is never boring
  • Road trips with lots of stops = more fun

Elaine Miner, Co-Founder

Did you know?
  • Greenest thumb this side of the Mississippi
  • Loves Ken’s cheeseburgers (almost more than she loves Ken)
  • Dog mom to Cruiser the Wonder Dog
  • If you’re missing your kids at Simple Pleasures, you can bet she’s spoiling them
  • Mom to 2 brilliant boys
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